Hi mates, I'm your Captain. Let me help you with understanding and figuring out volume.
First lets define volume and formula.

Volume is the amount of space an object or material occupies. It is measured in cubic units.
A formula is a mathematical expression or representation of a principle or rule.

In our situation the formula for volume is length, times width, times depth.
Therefore, if we have a fish tank for example, that has a length of 5 ft., a width of 3 ft., and a depth of 2ft., it would have a volume of 30 cubic feet.
As for a lock, we know it is 261.8 meters long, 24.4 meters wide, and has a lift of 14.2 meters. What would be its volume? Use the formula to find out.

V= l x w x d

Do you know how many fish tanks we can fill with the volume of water that fills a lock during the locking procedure?
Lets write a formula and find out!

The volume of water that fills a lock divided by the volume of water in a fish tank equals the amount of fish tanks we can fill.

Wow! I have a feeling that we could fill a lot of fish tanks, Kuku.

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