Hi gang, I'm the Chief Engineer.
I hear you're looking to find out how many fish tanks you can fill in a minute when you have a volume of 3,202,008.7 cubic feet of water filling a lock chamber in about ten minutes.
Since we already know how many fish tanks a lock can fill in about ten minutes - 106,733.62 according to the captain, all we have to do is divide that number by 10, to find out how many fish tanks we can fill in 1 minute (106,733.62 divided by 10 equals 10,673.362 fish tanks).
What we are actually figuring out is the rate of flow. Another way we can figure out the rate of flow is to use a formula.
If the formula for the rate of flow is the volume of water it takes to fill a canal lock divided by the amount of time it takes to fill that lock, what would be the lock's rate of flow in seconds?
Use the formula - rate of flow = volume divided by time to figure it out.

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